Serving the medical and health communities around the world for over 90 years, we have combined our extensive knowledge and exclusive formulation to create the perfectly balanced AG 100.

AG 100 is derived from the highest quality Wild American Ginseng, which is skillfully harvested from the Appalachian Mountains of the United States where it grows naturally. Our unique process includes inspecting and selecting only the finest Wild American Ginseng that meets our stringent quality control requirements.

AG 100 contains 100% Wild American Ginseng with no artificial color, flavor or preservatives and uses Vegetarian capsules.

Years of research have demonstrated Wild American Ginseng supports the immune system, boosts energy and is beneficial for overall healthy living.

Mayo Clinic studies have found best results are obtained with 60 days of continual use and have found no side effects.

Wild American Ginseng is organic: grown naturally and free of pesticides and fertilizers commonly found in farm-grown, cultivated ginseng. Wild American Ginseng possesses the highest potency and number of ginsenosides, including higher concentrations of ginsenosides and bio-activators than farm-grown, cultivated ginseng.